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Harness Your Cycle Superpowers {Expert discussion with Lucia Lukanova and Bridgit Danner}

Learn how to harness your cycle superpowers with Lucia Lukanova and I, during our discussion with @BridgitDanner. Check it out here.



Love Being A Woman & Enjoy Your Cycle {Expert discussion with Melissa Turner}

Join me and Melissa Turner @EndoEmpowered in our discussion on how to Love Being a Woman and How to Enjoy Your Cycle.



Mums In Heels

Do you want to learn how to befriend your hormones, instead of fearing them? Join Tsitaliya Mircheva-Petrova of Tsitaliya’ Stylediaries and Mums In Heels, and me, for the first part of our discussion on the topic.

And because I just love to contribute to Tsitaliya’s work, here is an article I wrote about What your gut has to do with your appearance, which you can read here.




I am honoured to be one of CureJoy.com‘s 25 in house experts, and have had a few articles published there already. Check out my Expert Page!



Andrew Camero

Join Andrew Camero and me on the Dream Life Podcast to discuss how to Awaken Your True Potential & Live That Extraordinary Life That You Want To Have By Understanding Your Energy, Pain, Stamina & Emotions! Listen in here.



Ways of Gray

Do you want to learn How I turned my mess into a message of hope for others? Then read this article I published on the Ways of Gray community!



World Changing Warriors Mag

If you’d like to End The Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Low Libido & Brain Fog: The 7 Steps To Healing Your Hormones & Your Life, I invite you to read this article that was published in the World Changing Warriors mag.



Daily Mail

Here’s my first feature in the Daily Mail, as part of an article written by the amazing Tanith Carey! If you want to read a funny, yet informative piece on Hormones, foods and menopause, check it out!

And here is a second piece, called A very modern pill: More and more women are taking a tablet that defers that time of the month – whether it be for a romantic holiday or for Glastonbury, which you can read here.


Zürich Ignite

What an amazing time I had at Ignite Zürich, presenting The Powers Of The Female Cycle!

Lucky you it was filmed, so now you can catch me live on video. 🙂



Integrative Women’s Health Institute

Helping women thrive and get out of pain is one of my passion. With this piece I published on the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, I am explaining how a simple practice like Emotional Freedom Technique (a.k.a. EFT or Tapping) can help reducing pelvic pain!





If you didn’t know that weight loss is not just food and exercise, you’ve got to check this out! Could your hormones be keeping you fat? Here’s the answer!




Aspiring and inspiring entrepreneur, I love to share how to be more successful, and this was my first public sharing on the topic of having more success through energy.




Girlfriend’s Guide To Zürich

Do you want to know what started me on this path? Besides my story, I am also sharing part of the story with the Girlfriends of Girlfriend’s Guide to Zürich. You can find our interview here.

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