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It may be more easily conceived that a man can snore but snoring in women is a reality not to be underestimated. And this situation can be very embarrassing from a social and medical point of view. Especially if snoring is the telltale sign of sleep apnea.

Also called ronchopathy, snoring is a sound coming from the vibration of the soft palate and pharyngeal walls, due to the air circulation in the airways. Its loudness sometimes exceeds 100 decibels, an embarrassing resonance for both the snoring woman and her potential partner.

In women, several factors can be at the origin. It includes food, illness, and physiological changes. But, what to do against snoring in women? In fact, the sooner you identify the causes of snoring, the sooner you will consider the right solution to stop snoring.


What causes snoring in Women?

The cause of snoring in women is variable among individuals. We identified below the main origins of the problem.


Poor lifestyle

If doctors and nutritionists recommend a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, it is obviously to prevent some indispositions including snoring.

On the one hand, overweight causes breathing difficulties causing snoring. On the other hand, the intake of alcohol contributes to the relaxation of the muscles of the pharynx.

As for the consumption of tobacco or various illicit substances such as drugs, it causes inflammation of the airways tissue, again causing snoring.


Certain diseases

Snoring in itself is not a disease, but it can be the manifestation of it. We saw it in the introduction of sleep apnea. But other affections are to point fingers.

When you suffer from a cold or stuffy nose, for example, discomfort in the airways can cause snoring. In fact, all pathologies related to the respiratory tract are likely to cause intermittent snoring in women.


The physiological factors

In the woman, one distinguishes the state of pregnancy and its corollaries, the important volume of the tonsils compared to the polyps and, more commonly, the positions adopted during the sleep.

A pregnant woman sees her body changing and adapting to the baby’s evolution.

The weight gain involved sometimes causes narrowing of the airways of the throat causing snoring. Other physiological factors are also noteworthy, such as excessively bulky tonsils that promote vibration.

Regarding the sleeping position, sleeping on the back compresses the airways through the tongue and obstructs the throat.


The consequences of snoring in women

Snoring can thicken the lining of the carotid artery in women, something that promotes cardiovascular disease. The snorer, all day long, has trouble concentrating and working.

She is irritable and tends to doze. Suffice to say that snoring is not very popular… Her spouse can also be affected by suffering from insomnia.

Also, lack of restful sleep increases the risk of hypertension.

To overcome this situation, simple solutions come to the rescue of the woman who snores. She must monitor her diet by following a healthy and balanced diet, limit alcohol and ban tobacco.

Doing sports activities to lose weight is also a useful method. These few natural ways help the woman effectively fight against snoring.

In addition, accessories are available to help the woman to no more interminably snore. For example, the silent treatment has the function of advancing the jaw to enlarge the diameter of the pharynx.

With dental appliance, the circulation of the air facilitated, and the vibration of the tissues causing the snoring is eliminated.

In case of sleep apnea, continuous positive airway ventilation is recommended. It is a treatment operated with a machine. The patient wears a mask that breathes air into the nostrils.

The goal is to force the opening of the pharynx. Other solutions such as an anti-snoring pillow, electric stimulator, nasal and oral spray, etc. could also be mentioned.


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