When is the last time you used every hour of your vacation time? If you’re like the majority of Americans, by the time a work year is over, you’ve left part of your earned time off on the table. Even worse? Over 60 percent of Americans also work—while they are on vacation.

Many people think that if they take time off or completely disconnect, work will suffer too much. But what’s actually suffering is more personal than that. Not only are you forfeiting the dollar value of your benefits, but you’re less likely to receive either a bonus or promotion—that’s right, less likely.

Then there are the less-easy-to-quantify reasons to take all that vacation. Research has shown that you’re happier both before and after a vacation, and you’re also likely to be less stressed. Although worries about mountains of work abound, vacations are actually proven to be helpful to productivity.

 Want to learn more about why vacations are good for you? Use this graphic for help.