How to Maintain Your Own Wellness While Caring For Seniors {Guest Blog}

While some people prefer home care services or assisted living for their seniors,...

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I help women who struggle with period pain, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and infertility.

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It’s Time To Optimise Your Hormonal Health and Healing Potential!

I’m Audrey S. Arnold, Switzerland’s Most Trusted Hormone Health & Wellness Expert and the Founder of Lotus Power Health! Women with period pain hire me to get out of pain and optimise their chances of getting pregnant naturally. As a certified Women’s Health & Nutrition Coach, I do this by guiding them to create a completely individualised nutrition and lifestyle protocol, that supports them physically and emotionally, so that they get to live pain free (from PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids) and energised for the rest of their lives, while increasing their chances of having a family.

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What Does It Mean To Optimise Your Hormonal Health & Healing Potential?

Optimising your hormonal health allows you to connect the dots when it comes to your health and happiness. Together, we explore:

  • The role hormones play when it comes to your health and happiness
  • How to understand and make the most of the varying phases of your female cycle
  • What you feed your body
  • How you sleep at night
  • How you handle stress
  • What you do when your energy dips during the day
  • How often and how much you exercise, as well as which exercise to focus on
  • How you handle and process difficult emotions
  • What you deeply desire so that you can create the changes you want in your life