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Hello, I’m Audrey Sourroubille Arnold.

I am married and am the mom to twin boys born in December 2016. I’m also the Founder of Lotus Power Health, which is currently evolving into something new and exciting (more on that in the next few months)! 

My mission comes from my own experience, and fuels everything that I do and offer. You can find more about my personal story HERE if you’d like.

My mission is to support women live a balanced, healthy and fulfilled life as moms, wives (or partners), entrepreneurs, and women. I see with my clients that very often, when they don’t have that balance and understanding of how each area of their life fuels them for success, they feel resentful, they are stressed out, they don’t know what to focus on, their relationships suffer, their business is not as good as it could. In turn, their health suffers as well, which brings all the other areas even further down!

I helped them with a formula I created called The Optimised Woman Formula.

This is not easy, but when we start on this path together, my clients report that positive changes happen very fast. And since we look at your lifestyle and what matters to you, it feels like the changes you implement help you express your true self even further.

Ready To Create More Health, Wellness & Balance Into Your Life? (It’s time!)


Together, we will explore:

  • How to understand and make the most of your natural female hormonal rhythms
  • The role hormones play when it comes to your health, wellness, balance, happiness, and success
  • What you feed your body
  • How you sleep at night
  • How you handle stress
  • What you do when your energy dips during the day
  • How often and how much you exercise, as well as which exercise to focus on
  • How you handle and process difficult emotions
  • What you deeply desire so that you can create the changes you want in your life
  • And one of my clients’ favourite: how to turn challenges into opportunities


If you know – deep down – that it’s time for a change…

You want to sustain your energy, health, and happiness.

But you may be thinking, I don’t have time to look for answers. I just want a quick fix!

Most people who look for quick fixes waste time, energy, money, and effort… and are still looking for that quick fix!

It’s time to kick the Quick Fix quest to the curb and instead embark on a journey to become an Optimised Woman.

It’s time to shift from overworked, overwhelmed, spread out and out of synch to connected, clear, and committed to your health, wellness, balance and happiness. Together, let’s join forces to create a community of thriving mompreneurs!

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My biggest health challenge was in regards to my hormones and monthly periods. No matter how disciplined and diligent about my healthy regime I am in the time before my period and usually around my ovulation I have several days when I feel I fail with everything. I become moody and I can get upset for almost anything. I also feel bloated and I binge on salty and sweet foods. I don’t find the energy to exercise and do my usual healthy routine. What Audrey did was to first give me the confidence that I can actually deal with this and that I have the power to manage all this. Then she gave me basic guidelines and rules, which I can follow when I lose my focus and determination. She approached this problem in a holistic way, not just giving me guidelines about my physical health but also mental strength.

When it comes to other issues from life, practical questions about job search or negotiating a better salary for yourself, Audrey gives very concrete ideas and opens horizons with very practical advices. At the same time she has the ability to look at the big picture and see that you might lack confidence or experience in certain area and this in her eyes can be resolved too.

What I like about Audrey’s work that she is always very calm and balanced and that she always is a voice of wisdom in a chaotic world. I have the feeling women tend to spread their energy everywhere but Audrey aims to focus us women on what we really are good at. To bring us bac to our own selves and to bring the belief in our own abilities.

It was real pleasure to work with Audrey, she is very determined on the client’s success, very committed and always tries to keep you more aware of your life and everything you do. She lifts your won value in your own eyes. This is amazing for every woman and mother!

Tsitaliya Mircheva-Petrova, Zürich (Switzerland)

Moms in Heels

I started working with Audrey due to fertility challenges – my husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over 3 years. I thought we had tried it all, but after talking to Audrey, I realized her very different approach took into account pistes I hadn’t even considered.

There is something magical about having someone who is there for you, who can pick you up when you fall, who can help you see things in a whole new light.

In this delicate and trying time, she was always able to show empathy, compassion and a deep knowledge of the mystery of the female body. I feel fortunate to have worked with Audrey and highly recommend her to embark on this journey of healing with you!

H. S., Geneva (Switzerland)

After many attempts at losing weight and trying out all possible diets, I decided to shift my focus on becoming healthy, fit and energized. I wanted to make some sustainable changes and was prepared to take my time this time around. I knew that I needed support and turned to Audrey from Lotus Power Health. I was interested to find out how hormones could affect my health and well-being. Audrey not only gave me valuable tips, tools and strategies to work towards my new goals but she provided me with a lot of material that I could read and research in between our sessions. I also loved the approach of her coaching: she shares her expertise and leaves it up to you to pick and chose whatever works for yourself. Her non-judgmental attitude helped me feel comfortable during our sessions. Audrey always had the ability to motivate me and keep things moving until the end of our programme. I am very happy to recommend Audrey to whoever is interested to use her services.

Natalie, Zug (Switzerland)

Audrey's Blog

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